9 Reasons you Should Start Getting Ready for Open Enrollment Now


ACA-complaint health plans are now available for three good years, but still there are hundreds of Americans who are uninsured. If you still haven’t enrolled for any health plan for whatever reason, following are some of the reasons why should get one in the upcoming enrollment window.

Health Exchanges Have Improved

Since the beginning of open enrollment at the end of 2013, things have improved with health exchanges. Initial anomalies and hiccups are not there anymore, and the process has become very smooth. In open enrollment of year 2016, more than 10 million people took coverage in private health plans through health exchanges.

On- or off-exchange Plans

In all the states except the District of Columbia, you can choose a health plan within your state’s exchange (where income-based subsidies are available) or outside the exchange. You can get these plans only in open enrollment window.

Only 45 Days to Enroll

Window of open enrollment window has shrunk to half of its duration. For year 2018, it will run from November 1, 2017 to December 15, 2017. Since it’s the only opportunity you have to get individual coverage, go through different coverage plans so that you can be enrolled on time.

Discount on Premiums

If your household income is not exceeding 400% of poverty levels then the amount you will pay for Silver plan will be capped as a fixed percentage of your income. But to get this concession, you have to get enrolled in the upcoming enrollment window.

Plan Comparison has Become Easier

It has always been difficult to choose between different heath plans. But now there are tools available to choose between more than one plan in order to get the best possible offer. Many exchanges have acquired comparison tools that help in comparing different plans beyond premiums to give you the total cost of a plan. Well-reputed health insurance consultants and quote providers now assisting citizens to choose the best heath plan according to their financial and foreseeable medical conditions.

Health History is not a Barrier Anymore

Before Affordable Care Act, millions of citizens had to face rejection of individual health coverage for any of 400 medical conditions. Now all these pre-existing medical conditions don’t act as obstacles to get enrolled.

Healthcare Service Details are More Clear

Different networks and formularies are associated with different plans and sometimes it becomes difficult for people to understand them. The access to formulary and networks directory has become easier. Now you don’t need to create an account to enter a policy code to retrieve the information.

Pay Penalties if you are not Covered

If you are not having any health coverage then you will have to face a potential tax penalty of 2.5% of household income. With every year, this individual mandate penalty is increasing. Get enrolled for a suitable health plan in this window and avoid this penalty.

No Hefty Medical Expenses

Remember that with ACA-complaint health plans, your out-of-pocket expenses will be capped at a certain amount. However, there is no limit of out-of-pocket medical expenses if you are uninsured.