Top 5 Best Individual Health Care Plans


In this day and age, not having health insurance, or any type of insurance for that matter, is uncommon due to the high number of insurance companies and the various plans that they offer. Even then, there are many people who don’t have health insurance, either because they are not eligible or because the companies that they work for don’t really offer the coverage for it.

In USA, there are over a hundred companies that offer insurances and health care plans for the benefit of the nation. Due to the fact that there are so many options to choose from, it is necessary to know which ones are worthy and which are just money grubbing scams that don’t really offer much.

Just like any other brand, insurance companies that sell individual health care plans usually promote their company with claims that they are better than all the other in their vicinity at least. Without legit opinions of previous customers, it can be difficult to judge which company really has your best interests at heart. To make it easier for you, we have listed 5 of the best individual healthcare plans in today’s world:

1.      Humana

In comparison to other health insurance companies, Humana’s health insurance and healthcare plans are offered at a much lower price, although the policies accompany an array of benefits. However, Humana is only available in 22 states, so, it caters to selective vicinities. However, the pricing and the benefits really are impressive if you live in one of those 22 states.

2.      United Healthcare

The health plans that are offered by United Healthcare are some of the best we have seen from insurance companies in the past 5-10 years. Although they are pricey and not everyone can afford them, the online tools as well as the individual healthcare plans that United Healthcare has to offer are simply amazing.

3.      Kaiser Permanente

The notable insurance company also has its own system of facilities as well as medical staff that caters to the patients vigilantly. The premium plans that Kaiser Permanente offers are a lot more affordable in comparison to other insurance programs. As good as Kaiser Permanente’s insurance plans and packages are, the main drawback is that you are bound to the doctors and hospitals of Kaiser Permanente that are, so far, limited to 8 states only.

4.      Barich & Associates

Barich & Associates is an insurance company that covers all the insurances that you can think of basically. Their insurance plans range from employer medical insurance, life insurance, dental insurance, Medicare insurance and lastly, individual insurance. In individual insurance, Barich & Associates covers your medical and dental insurance, and to make it easier for you, they can provide you with a free quote in a matter of 5 minutes.

5.      Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)

Blue Cross Blue Shield has made quite a name, with around 37 companies spread out across the United States of America. The well-known company has a variety of different healthcare plans that can be altered according to the needs and wants of each individual. However, the main drawback of Blue Cross Blue Shield is that, because they cater to different vicinities, the quality of their services varies according to the area of your residence.


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